A Full Range of Digital Signage Applications

Digital Signage / Promo Boards / Touchscreens

Promote.  Inform.  Entertain.  The possibilities are endless and the results are significant.  Use single or multiple screens to highlight promotions, engage customers with social media feeds or feature branded video.

Digital Menus / Kiosks

Award-winning graphics and CGI animation make your menu come alive for customers in line.  Dynamic displays can feature menus while promoting high-margin add-ons, seasonal items and up-sell items.

Commercial TV

The channels you need and the support you deserve with mix n’match programming packages and full-service maintenance options.

  Products and Services
  • MVision: Our Versatile, High-Performance Media Platform

    MVision:  Our Versatile, High-Performance Media Platform

    Our MVision platform supports rich multimedia content - including multiple video and image formats (animated flash, HD video/3D and live streaming content) with the ability to deliver to single screens or complex networks over large-scale footprints.

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  • Custom Content Development

    Custom Content Development

    Mood Media offers full-service, custom content development services, including graphic design, film, motion graphics/animation/3D, and photography for video, mobile or web applications.

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  • Hardware and Installation

    Hardware and Installation

    As a single-source provider, any Mood Visual solution includes all relevant equipment required for full connectivity and professional installation, including players, cabling, mounting hardware and screens.

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  • Unique and Experiential Visual Installations

    Unique and Experiential Visual Installations

    For one-of-a-kind or fully integrated Visual installations, Mood has a fully dedicated production company, Technomedia, a turnkey provider of world-class Visual and Interactive solutions.

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