HP Media Players

BlueStar is now offering HP MP4 and MP6 Digital Signage Players. Deliver dynamic and interactive signage content that captures your customer’s attention, creates memorable impressions, helps increase sales, and improves the effectiveness of your communications with the latest Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® HD graphics. HP’s Digital Signage Players give you dependable, retail-ready reliability with no moving parts, a fanless design, and a streamlined Windows Embedded OS optimized for digital signage playback.

Drive your message with a thin digital signage player that fits almost anywhere. Mount the space-saving design—HP’s thinnest digital signage device—behind an HP Digital Signage Display to maximize available space, simplify installation and deliver picture-perfect presentation of rich media content. Put your best message forward in menu boards, information boards, digital ambiance, and promotional merchandising environments.

Buy exactly what you need to create a compelling digital signage solution for static screen layouts and full-screen video signage implementations with a low-cost player that stays on budget. Engage your customers with high-quality, digital signage messaging without the expense of a high-performance PC.

For more information about the HP MP4 and MP6 Digital Signage Players and other digital signage solutions from HP, talk to a BlueStar Digital Signage Specialist today! Call 800-354-9776 or visit us.bluestarinc.com/hp.

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