NAVORI QL Player core: unique and proprietary development!

NAVORI QL player main features are:

  • True Broadcast TV look and feel.
  • Frame accurate to 1/30th of a second.
  • Full screen media or in a template with a ticker.
  • Multi-layer and transparency support.
  • Plays in schedules with rule or event based content triggering.
  • Lowest hardware cost: available on Microsoft Windows and Google Android OS.
  • Fully interactive.
  • No black-out between media: seamless media transitions.
  • SDK available for media triggering via any I/O (device, data).

Digital Security Signage:

  • NAVORI QL Player software can be coupled to building information and alarm systems to automatically launch location relevant alert and evacuation messages.
  • Surveillance Camera feeds can be Picture In Picture in running content for awareness purposes (minimizing shoplifting, theft, aggression,…)
  • Coupled to other sensors such as motion or recognition detection, RFID badges, QCR, barcode or NFC,… NAVORI QL Player can trigger Caution, Alert or Way Finding messages. The same integration technology can handle any commercial scenario.
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