HP Digital Signage Accessories

HP Digital Signage Display Security Wall Mount - Attaches to the VESA mounting holes on the back of the display to hang the display in landscape or portrait orientation on a wall.  AssetID C-766J7B86 (search HP digital Signage Wall Mount Solution)

HP LD4730 Frame System - The HP LD4730 Frame System for HP LD4730 digital signage displays adds a frame for a single display, or lets you scale to frame of an entire video wall of LD4730’s.  This over-frame solution can eliminate the need to build or design a custom frame to attain an esthetically pleasing, finished look for both single display installations and video walls.  The sleek 10mm symmetrical bezel look achieved with this solution greatly enhances your digital signage installation. 

HP DreamColor Display Calibration Solution - The HP DreamColor Calibration System (DCS) is an LCD monitor option designed for professional users who require precision color accuracy in their work output. It allows users to quickly and accurately calibrate monitor front-of-screen settings to prevent any drift of critical monitor color or whitepoint settings. 

HP Digital Signage Speakers - Add a full range of sound (10 watts each) with two rear-facing speakers that discreetly attach to the rear of the display. 

HP Business PC Security Lock Kit - Attaches to the rear of the display with a 6-ft steel cable to protect it against unauthorized removal by physically connecting it to an anchor point.

HP Digital Signage Installation Service - Provides a host-less color calibration solution to assure color consistency and accuracy for all displays in a video wall. Plug colorimeter directly into display – no host PC needed.

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