Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Walls

For building owners and tenants who want to capture the imagination of visitors and clients, Planar Mosaic is an architectural video wall solution that provides a compelling display of art and information. Unlike traditional wall covering materials, Planar Mosaic brings a space to life, generating a desired emotional reaction or creating a brand experience. 

Planar Mosaic is the only video wall solution that allows easy scaling of a single video or image across an arrangement of LCD display tiles of multiple sizes, shapes, positions and angles. The Planar Mosaic family includes a truly square 21.6” LCD tile which presents entirely new opportunities for architectural expression. The Planar Mosaic Ensemble™ package of mounting hardware, power supply modules and design software delivers a total solution with unprecedented value and simplicity. 

Whether it is in the lobby of a corporate office, healthcare or educational facility, or in a retail showroom or window display, Planar Mosaic creates a space that is memorable, impactful and timeless. With unencumbered positioning flexibility, revolutionary system architecture, and sophisticated imaging software, Planar Mosaic sets the standard for architectural video walls.

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