YCD|RAMP™ - Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform

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YCD|RAMP™  addresses the real needs and challenges of retailers and marketers. With YCD|RAMP marketing campaigns can be created, customized and distributed in real-time. Promotions can be customized to the store level, or personalized to a specific customer, based on a shopper profile. The campaign’s impact can be continuously measured allowing for optimization in real-time. 

YCD|RAMP  includes a BI module allowing to constantly monitor a campaign’s success and make adjustments in real-time to maximize performance. It measures and optimizes the impact of a digital marketing campaign in real-time. 

The product enables to customize in-store promotions at the regional and local level, while ensuring adherence to corporate brand guidelines. With YCD|RAMP’s template-based design tool and customizable approval process, retailers can be confident that only approved messages will be displayed. 

YCD|RAMP targets personalized promotions to customers in real time through integration with the retailer's  POS or demographic targeting technology. The product’s quick and seamless workflow and real-time content distribution capabilities accelerate campaign time-to-market. It reduces costs of creative services and production, and improves customer satisfaction by displaying clear, consistent and relevant product information and special offers, ensuring 100% compliance to corporate branding guidelines. 

YCD|RAMP closes the loop – produce, update, personalize, measure and optimize – all under one integrated platform.

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