CAYIN SuperReporter 2: Generate Statistics Reports for Billing and Performance Analysis

Three Major Report Types
There are three types of reports: pie chart, bar chart, and tables/figures.

Playback Analysis from Multiple Angles
Administrators can preview reports within a selected time period in the following two ways:

  1. Comparison Chart over Time: Users can check the total number of playback times and total running time of playback of each multimedia file per day or per hour.
  2. Comparison Chart among Files: Users can compare the total number of playback times and total running time of playback of different selected multimedia files.

Generate Reports by Agent
Administrators can filter different content sources immediately and generate reports particularly for a specific advertising agency or content providers.

Export Reports into Two Formats

  1. HTML: All statistics and diagrams can be exported into HTML files. Administrators can share reports easily with advertisers,advertising agencies, or other users via Internet.
  2. Excel: SuperReporter 2 can export Excel files, detailing all playback records of each multimedia file. Administrators can utilize these raw data to conduct further analysis and create their own reports and diagrams with great flexibility.

Generate Reports Automatically and Periodically

SuperReporter 2, incorporated with batch files or Windows® Scheduled Tasks, can automatically generate and send reports daily or weekly. For example, you can generate a report, send it to your marketing staff by email, and save a copy to your PC on the first day of each month. 

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