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Digital signage is quickly becoming a new medium in its own right, with branded private networks emerging in public venues, retail locations and corporations.

It is becoming clear that for these networks to be effective in promoting brands, displaying information, or grabbing viewer attention, the content must be at a quality that exceeds expectation.

Quality Matters

X2O Media understands this, and takes a broadcast television approach to designing and running digital signage networks. X2O’s Creative Services team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals from the broadcast world that have delivered some of the highest profile productions in television, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, US Presidential elections, and newscasts for NBC, CNBC, ABC and CNN. The team has also won a number of prestigious design awards from Broadcast Design Association (BDA) and OMNI Intermedial for work on design projects in the U.S., Canada and Europe. This commitment to excellence and expertise can be applied to any type of content required for your network.

Let Us Produce Your Content

Our Content Services team offers a wide range of services to suit your specific needs:

  • Award-winning graphic design services
  • Xpresenter custom template development
  • Repurposing existing branding elements for digital displays
  • Voiceover and audio production services
  • Custom content acquisition services & media brokerage
  • Content production and post-production services
  • Get your own branded crawling news tickers, weather tickers, stock price tickers and more

No matter what your requirements are, X2O’s Creative Services team has flexibility to offer a wide combination of services tailored to your specific needs.

  Products and Services
  • X2O™ Platform for Digital Signage and Employee Communications

    X2O⢠Platform for Digital Signage and Employee Communications

    The fourth generation X2O platform enables communicators to go beyond traditional approaches such as email, corporate intranets, and video streaming to relay key information.

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  • X2O Players

    In order to expand customer options and improve the content management workflow, X2O “opened” its content management tool and enabled third-party systems to integrate on both the content management side and the player end.

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  • X2O Social Media Suite

    X2O Social Media Suite

    Social media sites have become a pervasive presence in our lives, especially as a source of relevant, current information. 

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  • X2O for Video Walls

    X2O for Video Walls

    Installing a multi-screen video wall creates an instant visual impact in any environment.

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  • X2O SharePoint TV

    X2O SharePoint TV

    X2O SharePoint TV lets users easily create TV-like channels of video and graphics-rich content and publish these channels to any device. 

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  • X2O Command and Control

    The X2O platform powers some of the most complex and demanding command and control centers as well as network operations centers (NOCs). 

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  • X2O Business Intelligence

    X2O Business Intelligence

    Executives and managers from all departments are using dashboard applications to display real-time business intelligence data that can assist them with their decision-making. 

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  • X2O for Tablets and Smart Phones

    X2O for Tablets and Smart Phones

    With more and more employees bringing their own devices to the workplace (BYOD), this trend sees no sign of slowing.  

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  • X2O Interactive Solutions

    X2O Interactive Solutions

    Driven largely by the popularity of tablet computers and smart phones, interactive screens are more popular than ever. The X2O platform easily makes content fully interactive on any type of digital display. 

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  • X20 Customer Profiles

    X20 Customer Profiles
    Download X2O's Customer Profiles featuring digital signage success stories in areas including: Employee Communications, Hotels and Hospitality Solutions, Corporate Branding & Communications, Public Venues and Museums, and Gaming and Casinos.

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