NEC Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants that have the ability to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities have

the greatest chance of success. Nowhere does this hold true more than with menu boards. Following are some of the areas that digital signs can benefit your business:


  • Dayparting - Depending on the time of day, run appropriate menus and promotions, and control it all with ease.
  • React - When unexpected issues arise, you need to respond quickly and communicate with your staff and customers. Digital menu boards provide a means for you to relay vital messaging that turns heads and helps avoid any confusion or concern.
  • Promotions - For situations such as trialing a new product without committing to a chainwide rollout, you can add the item to your digital menu board, expand it to other locations' menus or easily remove it.
  • Manageability - Eliminate staff and printing errors and decrease expenses by managing and controlling your entir e menu board system from a central location. You can confirm which menu boards are running in each location as well as control what messages you are displaying to your customers.

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