In-store programing

CE labs in-store private programming service provides an eclectic blend of high definition assets, streamlined program management and optimized 3rd party sources for the highest quality playback for in-store displays. Detailed out below is the list of some of the items we will provide with the service of in-store programming.

In-store private programming


  • Branding services for content that is selected for the playlists
  • Overlays for trailers and music videos
  • Customized overlaying messages - "Coming Soon" "Now Available"
  • Branded backdrops for standard definition or low-resolution vendor ads
  • 1080p trailers
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Featurette / Making of / Sneak Peek Clips
  • Movie and Broadcasted Show Shorts – Clips from movies/TV shows
  • Special Interviews
  • Music Videos
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