VTC 2100: In-vehicle Signage Computer

The VTC 2100 is dedicated Digital Signage player designed for in-vehicle working environment. The VTC 2100 complies with most industrial serial for in-vehicle operation, such as e-Mark, EN50155. The ultra-reliable design enables VTC 2100 work under extended operating temperature range and can withstand extreme levels of shock and vibration. The power ignition function and wide voltage design enables VTC 2100 to be powered directly from a vehicle’s battery. Aim at the growing market of in-vehicle digital signage, the VTC 2100 outputs multimedia presentation through dual independent displays with steady and high-quality performance.  The VTC 2100 is an ideal solution for fleet owners/operators looking to increase revenue streams by implementing in-vehicle advertising and infotainment systems.

Main Features of VTC 2100

  • Resilience to high vibration and temperature harsh environment
  • Fan-less design for lower maintenance cost
  • Flexible ignition control, easy adaption to car power system
  • Slim and compact dimension for easy integration in-Vehicle environment
  • Compliance to e-Mark, EN50155 industrial regulation
  • Hardware accelerated playback of wide variety of media formats
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