Philips Video Walls








It's a world where we are constantly seeking the next WOW, and you've just found it. A video wall constructed from stunning Philips LCD displays does not just offer you an eye-catching way to send marketing messages or show attention grabbing video – it also gives you the opportunity to lower your Total Cost of Ownership whilst at the same time dramatically increasing sales.

With a wide range of narrow and zero bezel products that are ideal for video wall mounting, there is a Philips product that meets all requirements and budgets. All backed up by our comprehensive three year warranty – which we believe is the best in the US today.







Choose from a range of zero bezel 46 and 55" displays for the narrowest mullions in the industry and you can create some of the most desirable video walls around. And true, uniform color is assured with the multiple options for color calibration, giving you the most picture perfect video walls around.

Alongside the narrow and zero bezel, our range of displays offer a wide array of features and functionality to ensure the smooth installation and perfect finish, as well as multiple video input options to give you total flexibility. An edge alignment kit is included with each display to ensure millimeter perfect precision when installing a video matrix, and an edge-finishing kit creates a smooth and professional border.







Comprehensive software allows you to configure the video wall quickly and simply, making sure that the image quality is second to none, and ensuring that all displays are perfectly calibrated, giving you identical colors on all displays on your video wall.

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