DTU: Dispenser Top Unit Digital Display for Gas Pumps

DTU:  Dispenser Top Unit
BoldVu® DTU – (Dispenser Top Units) are a dual-sided display system designed for direct outdoor use on top of a gas dispenser at a C-Store fuel island.  The 22" diagonal LCD displays feature MRI's exclusive LED edge light technology and provide 1000 nit Luminance for excellent viewability in direct t sunlight.  The AR (anti-reflective) optically bonded cover glass improves the image visibility and is break resistant while the dual speakers allow for audio content.
Designed for long, consistent life, the LED technology used provides for a true 1000 nit Luminance over 5 years based on average operation of 18 hours/day.  The brightness level is not affected by temperature extremes or degradation over time like other technologies.

The internal cooling system allows for use in 40°C (+104°F) temperatures while the all-weather enclosure withstands common outdoor elements. 

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