Digital Array: Free-standing and Module Array Configurations

DAS:  Digital Array Stand (for outdoor use)


BoldVu® DAS – (Digital Array Stands) are free-standing and designed for direct outdoor use in varying environmental conditions.  The LCD displays feature MRI's exclusive LED backlight technology and provides 2000 nit Luminance for excellent viewability in direct sunlight.

The AR (anti-reflective) laminated cover glass improves the image visibility and is vandal/break resistant while the SRF® (solar rejection film) rejects 50% of the sun load.

Digital Array Stands are available in a number of different array configurations to satisfy specific application requirements in a Height x Width orientation; i.e. 1x2, 1x3, 3x3, etc.  Typically designed with a single sheet of AR (anti-reflective) vandal glass in the front and cooling system in the back.
The CoolVu® thermal management system allows for use in +50°C (+122°F) temperatures while the all-weather enclosure withstands common outdoor elements.
This product is also available for Indoor settings and Module settings (DAM:  Digital Array Module, is designed to mount in a customer-supplied enclosure/housing).
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