UMD: Universal Mountable Digital Display


UMD:  Universal Mount Display (for Indoor use)

BoldVu® UMD – (Universal Mount Displays) are designed for indoor use in a wide range of applications and venues.  These "high-performance" Digital Display Systems are engineered from
a customer's perspective with a strong focus on reliability, robust connectivity and serviceability.

They feature MRI's patent-pending SAM® (service access module) to allow for in-field serving of critical components and an integrated, reliable Receiver module designed for direct HDMI/DVI interface (local player) or for remote CAT 5 wired/wireless encrypted connection (remote player) with advanced bi-directional diagnostics and communications.

The innovative thermal cooling/control system has been designed using EFD (engineering fluid dynamics), a 3-D modeling and optimization program to eliminate common component over-heating issues while the optional AR (anti-reflective) laminated cover glass improves the image visibility and resists breakage.  The SureVu® (Digital Image Verification) feature provides "true" remote verification that content is being displayed.

UMD:  Universal Mount Display (for Outdoor use)
In addition to the features described above, our Outdoor Models include: BrightVu®:  True 2000 nit Luminance over 5 years based on average operation of 18 hr/day. CoolVu® Thermal Management System: allows for use in +50°C (+122°F) temperatures SRF® (Solar Rejection Film): rejects 50% of the sun load NEMA 3 Outdoor Design:  Sealed against elements—Rain, Dust, etc. For all our Outdoor Products, including the UMD click here.
For all our Indoor Products, including the UMD click here. Make sure to visit our website at
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