8 Product Features No One Else Has



SureVu® (Image Verification / Feedback) 
  • Embedded watermark in video stream in top corner
  • RGBW photo sensor will obscure about ¼” x ¼” square area in front of watermark
  • Photo Sensor to provide continuous validity of watermark signal: i.e. video feed – provides confirmation that the correct image is actually being displayed
  • Provides a means to continuously monitor image Luminance, color saturation/gamut, contrast ratio and gamma (i.e. gray scale)
SAM® “Service Access Module” for quick / easy servicing
  • Controller Card, Power Modules
  • Integrated CAT 5 receiver
  • Mounted on unit for easy access
  • Field serviceable without removal of display from mounting
AmpVu® (Power Management System)
  • Monitors AC line Current / Amp draw on system
  • Automatically adjusts brightness / fan speed to throttle back amp draw
  • Prevents circuit breaker trips due to un-expected power fluctuations
  • Configurable at time of installation to limit maximum current draw base on availability
StatusVu® (Performance Monitoring System)
  • Remote performance monitoring via SNMP protocol and dedicated web site
  • “Active” and “Historical” incident / downtime reports
  • Status Updates on Software & Hardware revisions and total elapsed run time
  • Monitors critical display functions: backlight levels, heater, fans, temperatures, current reading and power supply status
  • Via SureVu® feature, monitors luminance level, color saturation, gray scale and contrast ratio.

DynamicVu® (Dynamic Block Dimming)

  • Dynamic Block Dimming of backlights
  • Optimized backlight control to adjust to image brightness requirements
  • Provides exact same image / brightness on screen
  • Reduces backlight power / energy by 25-45+%
  • Reduces heat build up and prolongs LED backlight life by 20-30+%


BrightVu® (Outdoor/Sunlight Visibility)
  • Provides constant brightness for over 30,000 hours (5 years at 18 hours / day)
  • Ambient Light Sensors for auto-adjustment to optimum viewability
  • Includes Interface / Controller modules and Temperature Sensors
  • Integrated Fan System to provide consistent air flow across LCD surface
CoolVu® TMS (Thermal Management System)
  • Closed Loop Cooling system for high temperatures + 50 C
  • Dual Loop cooling – Internal loop sealed from ambient / external air
  • Integrated into Display Module
  • Totally self-contained and suitable for outdoor use

SRF®  (Solar Rejection Film) 
  • Rejects 50% of Harmful Sun Rays
  • Reduces Heat build up due to sun load requiring less cooling
  • Prevents “Solar Clearing” of LCD surface; i.e. black spots
  • Improves Image Quality – increased contrast / color saturation
  • Reduces Surface Reflections

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