Black Box HD View™ HDMI Multidigital Extenders

HD View Multidigital capabilities/features:

• Ideal for high-end digital signage and AV distribution applications requiring clear video resolution.

• Distribute HD media over a single CAT5 or higher cable up to 328 feet (100 m) point to point.

• System supports daisychaining of units for distances up to 1968 feet (600 m)*.

• Provide integrated IP connectivity to displays and peripherals linked to a receiver.

• Support both HDMI 1.3a and DisplayPort++ standards.

• Offer DDC termination for optimized player–screen communications.

• Also support bidirectional control of remote serial devices via a DB9 port.

• No need to set equalization or skew compensation.

• Order both a transmitter (HDV-HDMI-TZ) and a receiver (HDV-HDMI-RZ).


These next-generation HD View™ HDMI solutions provide both long-distance CATx extension for digital 1080p/60-Hz video and audio plus the ability to communicate via IP with remote Ethernet peripherals.

Easy to set up and use, the extenders are ideal for high-end multimedia AV distribution and HD digital signage applications. The transmitter sends non-compressed (lossless), full-HD media signaling from a digital signage player to a receiver at a remote screen in real time with no video or sound degradation.

And because the system uses CATx cable for multimedia distribution, you get more distance than what’s ordinarily possible with digital audio/video cabling—up to 328 feet (100 m) in a non-daisychained configuration.

Daisychaining units enables you to take digital media farther, up to 1968 feet (600 m) in a multihop daisychain of transmitters and receivers*.

* A display can only be placed at the end of a daisychain.

NOTE: Distance and performance depend on the cables and the resolution of your graphics card.

Also available: Standard HD View HDMI Extenders and HD View VGA Extenders.

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