Leasing and Financings

Increase Revenue With Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing

Want to increase your sales and margins? Leasing can be an effective tool to increase both. When your technology customers are stymied by price tags, leasing can help you close deals by changing the focus from price to payment. After understanding what a valuable sales tool leasing can be and how to sell it, you must choose a leasing partner. And Ingram Micro offers the most innovative and powerful leasing program available to the channel: Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing (IMPL).

IMPL is unique | We have developed a unique multilender program administered through a single contact  contact point within Ingram Micro. Because Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing represents the combined volume of all Ingram Micro channel partners, we attract the best funding sources the leasing market offers, many of which your customers would not be able to access on their own.
Higher approval rates and better terms | By combining the capabilities of multiple funding sources into one program, we provide a multilender platform that can effectively serve all segments of the market. You are no longer limited by the capabilities of a single lender. Therefore, there is a higher rate of approval and better terms.

World-class service | Our team of leasing professionals will manage the entire process for you, from developing a quote to closing the deal. We can help as much or as little as you want. Either way, we provide the same high-quality service you expect from Ingram Micro.
Short sales cycle | Our program is an integral part of Ingram Micro, so you experience the shortest cycle possible.
Credit line is not affected | We are often able to offer our customers an option called Split Funding. With this option, the purchase price of the lease will not impact your credit line, leaving it available for additional purchases. Contact your IMPL Specialist to find out more about this valuable feature.
Lease the entire purchase | With Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing, you can lease services, software, freight and even equipment from other sources.
Easy qualification | There is no separate application required to take advantage of our lease program.
Fast sign-up | To access Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing, call (877) 877-0035 or visit www.ingrammicro.com.
  Products and Services
  • Dedicated Support

    Ingram Micro’s ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit is the only full-service IT distributor dedicated to the digital signage market, providing: sales support, financing, leasing, training, and technical support and resources.

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  • Ingram Micro/Digital Signage Certified Experts Program

    Ingram Micro/Digital Signage Certified Experts Program

    Why Should You Learn About Digital Signage? Read more to find out!

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  • Technology solutions engineer

    Win incremental sales, gain a competitive advantage and become a strategic partner to your customers by extending Ingram Micro’s world class technical support into the field. Our technology solution engineers (TSEs) accompany you to customer sites to provide pre-sales consultative services and education for digital signage. TSEs are also available to help you train your sales staff and conduct client seminars.

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  • Content Creation Services

    What is Content Creation? Custom built content that can include corporate imaging and graphics, store and company promotions, advertising campaigns, etc. Have a sale or a promotion going on? Do you want to inform your in-store consumers of a hot new product, solution or idea? Create content to drive sales and inform your audience.

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  • Vertical Markets

    Digital signage is a solution that can increase sales opportunities in a wide variety of vertical markets, including education, hospitality and independent hotels, corporations and lobbies, shopping malls, retail stores (independent and franchise), hospitals and clinics, gyms and spas, restaurants, houses of worship, and retail banks and credit unions.

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  • Installation services

    As one of our digital signage solution providers, you can access support from the Ingram Micro Services Network (IMSN) for digital-signage installation services. Installation services include comprehensive site surveys, pre-sales consultative expertise, and installation capabilities for all of your digital signage project needs. For more details, ask your Ingram Micro sales representative about installation services through IMSN and USSI, which is a national installer of digital signage solutions.

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  • Technical Support

    Ingram Micro Tech Support enables solution sales through Ingram Micro. Our technical support team helps Ingram Micro solution providers grow their businesses, keep up on new technologies, and deliver solutions that address their client’s business needs.

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