Dedicated Support

ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit

Ingram Micro has a dedicated team of industry professionals within the ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit dedicated to this market space including business development managers, vendor business managers, marketing specialists and operations managers.

Dedicated Sales Support — The ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit's sales business-development managers (BDMs) work in conjunction with your existing Ingram Micro sales representative to assist in identifying sales opportunities through digital signage solutions. Our BDMs are Certified Technology Specialists, a credential that meets the high standards of ethical and professional practices for the AV and digital signage industry.

Dedicated Vendor Business and Category Support – The ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit has a dedicated associate who works directly with our key digital signage vendor partners to build their digital signage business with Ingram Micro.  Vendor business managers at Ingram Micro manage the vendor’s business from the perspective of Ingram Micro finding the delicate balance between success in sales, satisfaction and support by the digital signage reseller community.

In addition to the vendor business managers, the ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit is continually exploring new vendors through which to further expand our linecard. Category specialists work with potential new vendors in finding the correct products and services to offer to our digital signage resellers to ensure that their digital signage solutions are first in class.

Dedicated Marketing Support — Our marketing specialists and operations managers can assist with your marketing needs via communications about upcoming training and event opportunities. We’ll help secure vendor funding for marketing activities and much more.
Dedicated Technology Solution Engineer — The TSE is ready and able to help you drive more success in your business. By partnering with Ingram Micro you have access to industry leading engineers who are highly qualified to help you grow your business. Whether you are beginning to build a signage practice or a seasoned solution provider, TSE’s are available to you as an Ingram partner for full course of sales enablement strategies: Business Leadership discussions, Sales and Tech team education, Client demand generation activities, on-site Client consultations & walk-throughs, and much more.
  Products and Services
  • Ingram Micro/Digital Signage Certified Experts Program

    Ingram Micro/Digital Signage Certified Experts Program

    Why Should You Learn About Digital Signage? Read more to find out!

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  • Technology solutions engineer

    Win incremental sales, gain a competitive advantage and become a strategic partner to your customers by extending Ingram Micro’s world class technical support into the field. Our technology solution engineers (TSEs) accompany you to customer sites to provide pre-sales consultative services and education for digital signage. TSEs are also available to help you train your sales staff and conduct client seminars.

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  • Content Creation Services

    What is Content Creation? Custom built content that can include corporate imaging and graphics, store and company promotions, advertising campaigns, etc. Have a sale or a promotion going on? Do you want to inform your in-store consumers of a hot new product, solution or idea? Create content to drive sales and inform your audience.

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  • Vertical Markets

    Digital signage is a solution that can increase sales opportunities in a wide variety of vertical markets, including education, hospitality and independent hotels, corporations and lobbies, shopping malls, retail stores (independent and franchise), hospitals and clinics, gyms and spas, restaurants, houses of worship, and retail banks and credit unions.

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  • Installation services

    As one of our digital signage solution providers, you can access support from the Ingram Micro Services Network (IMSN) for digital-signage installation services. Installation services include comprehensive site surveys, pre-sales consultative expertise, and installation capabilities for all of your digital signage project needs. For more details, ask your Ingram Micro sales representative about installation services through IMSN and USSI, which is a national installer of digital signage solutions.

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  • Leasing and Financings

    As an Ingram Micro solution provider, you have access to optimal leasing and financing options. Qualified resellers may be eligible for a temporary credit increase, end-user financing or leasing.

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  • Technical Support

    Ingram Micro Tech Support enables solution sales through Ingram Micro. Our technical support team helps Ingram Micro solution providers grow their businesses, keep up on new technologies, and deliver solutions that address their client’s business needs.

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