Network player: ArtistaMEDIA

Network player: ArtistaMEDIAApollo’s new ArtistaMEDIA™ single-board network media player provides an unlimited number of media-stations for download of MPEG2/4 files at one PC/Host/MediaControlBox.  It is the third and newest member of Apollo’s Artista™ family of controllers. While ArtistaNET and ArtistaUSB are specialized to attach TFT LCD displays to the Ethernet or an USB-bus without a client PC for the display of static images,

ArtistaMEDIA adds video playing capabilities in MPEG/2 or MPEG/4 format from CompactFlash card or hard disk drive. Videos can be loaded or updated via Ethernet or USB.

ArtistaMEDIA plays videos from locally stored MPEG/2 or MPEG/4 media, as well as video streams received from a streaming server without local storage, with display resolution from VGA to full HD.

Like ArtistaNET™ and ArtistaUSB, ArtistaMEDIA requires no client PC, no investment in operating systems, no client-server architecture, and no maintenance or administration.  It is quick and easy to install, consumes little power, comes with easy-to-use application software, and is easily integrated into existing applications.

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