Digital Signage Toolkit Consulting Service

The Digital Signage Toolkit consulting service helps customers solve the business problems associated with designing, testing and deploying digital signage networks.  The service also aims to help customers maximize the revenue potential and return on investment for both existing and planned digital signage networks.

The digital signage toolkit consulting service includes digital signage business case study reviews and development, audience and traffic measurement, screen placement analysis, content strategy, network deployment assistance and technology consulting.  The service also provides customers access to an array of Reflect Systems’ partners on an as needed basis, including independent research to validate audience traffic and viewership during pilots. 

Specific features include:

  • Digital Signage Research and Strategy
  • Business Case Development and ROI analysis
  • Proof of Concept and Pilot Project Designs
  • Content Strategy and Tactics
  • Content Production and Management Best Practices
  • Deployment Planning & Assistance
  • Network Management and Maintenance Planning

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