Data Capture Engine (DCE)

ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine is a software solution for capturing, collating and re-purposing data held in external systems for display on a ONELAN Digital Signage System in graphical form.
The DCE is a software plus hardware solution that runs on a Windows operating system platform. The DCE hardware can be supplied by ONELAN or the customer may use their own platforms.
Example applications:

Corporate – Deliver business process critical information direct to employees.
Education – Deliver room booking summaries and availability to installed digital signage infrastructure
Retail – Extract live pricing information from POS systems.
Data Collection – from user defined sources including queries:
  • Relational databases – such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Office files – such as Excel
  • Other files – such as .CSV, .XML, .TXT
Data Processing – execution of application specific logic on the data. Sometimes a null operation for example:
  • Check values within a range, averaging etc.
  • Data look-up based on processed data

Data Re-formatting – conversion of processed data into ‘dynamic media’ in a textural or graphical form that can easily be displayed by an NTB – e.g. HTML.

Media Delivery – Depending on application requirements, the DCE will deliver media to the NTB (a ‘push’) or will provide an HTML service from which NTBs can ‘pull’ the media.

  Products and Services
  • NTB510

    The NTB510 Digital Signage Media Player comes in hard disk and solid state configurations. It has been designed to provide superior playback features include transparency, real time media rotation and video cropping.

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  • NTB5500/5/8

    The Millennium NTB5500/5/8 Digital Signage Media Player is ideal for use as a Network Publisher/Server or as a High End Player for demanding content such as multi-video displays or complex interactive flash applications.

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  • NTB610/5

    The Century NTB610 Digital Signage Media Players are ideally suited to applications where Flash or high quality video content is to be played out such as in hospitality, foyers or retail advertising.

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