Black Box iCOMPEL™ EDS Enterprise Digital Signage Platforms

iCOMPEL EDS capabilities/features:

• For managing signage content across a campus or across the world.

• Gives you total control of signage at the corporate or agency level.

• Management software provided as a VMware® server application.

• For each screen at each site, order an EDS-SS10 subscriber unit.

• Easy to master, but loaded with sophisticated tools.

• Features a drag-and-drop interface for content creation.

• Intuitive tools for scheduling playout and grouping players.

• Update content from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

• Global time zone support for playout at correct local times.     

• Great for leveraging the revenue-generating potential of ad networks.

• USB touchscreen compatibility included at no extra charge.

• Store-and-forward distribution; won’t consume WAN bandwidth.

• Multilanguage support for users in different countries.

• Advanced playout reporting and alert reporting features.



• Affordable and easy to scale as your enterprise grows in size and geographical diversity.

• More features, fewer headaches than similar enterprise solutions available.

• No recurring licensing fees. Low cost of ownership.

• Enterprise-grade security with per-account/per-user settings.

• Ad network support.

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