Content Management Software - Remote Transfer

Content Management SoftwareAt the heart of ComQi's solution is RemoteTransfer™ - a highly scaleable, robust and secure software platform designed specifically for Digital Signage.

Consistently, ComQi has defined industry best practices in order to deliver a solution that is both web and Linux-based that offers easy to use functionality for content management, scheduling and network management. RemoteTransfer expertly performs playlist development and management, management reporting, advanced scheduling at the player and/or group level as is up-to-date network monitoring and reporting - all accessible through our intuitive Java-based GUI.   

ComQi are extremely proud to report that our RemoteTransfer platform has not suffered any system outages since its launch in 2002 - despite a huge rise in network traffic during its launch - a 75% increase in traffic in the last year alone! Remote Transfer is now handling more than 126 million "connects" a year (that's more than 10m a month) and a rise of over 75% in the last year alone! How many service providers can provide this level of network support, scalability and reliability?

ComQi's RemoteTransfer platform was designed and created using J2EE architecture with open APIs which enables easy integration of your or your customer web sites or enterprise applications. With powerful reporting tools and the ability to scales from 10 to 10,000 sites RT has been designed to ensure you're the right content is playing in the right place at the right time.

  Products and Services
  • Turnkey Digital Out-of-Home

    Turnkey Digital Out-of-Home
    ComQi's Turnkey solution uniquely offers a full suite of services from Strategy, Content, Technology, Interactive services, Measurement and Analysis. With attractive finance options ComQi's can provide the lowest total cost of ownership and minimal upfront investment.    

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  • EnGage™ Content Management System

    ComQi’s EnGage™ Content Manager leverages a decade of development and deep, direct industry experience to deliver a sophisticated planning, distribution and management system for digital signage networks.

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  • Passport

    ComQi’s Passport is a platform for interactive management between digital signage and mobile devices, which will generate revenue through two way mobile-to-screen marketing.

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  • delayMirror

    ComQi’s delayMirror is a mirror-like solution that allows you to view yourself from the front, sides and back while shopping. It “reflects” an image back to the shopper with a 3 second delay so that you can see yourself in all angles.

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  • Audio Video Display System

    The Audio Video Display System is a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point system used for the transmission of high quality audio and video over CAT5.

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  • Video Display System

    The Video Display System for distribution of rich video content in real time and bi-directional RS232 control up to 110m/330ft from any type of player to multiple display devices.

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  • Media Player by ComQi

    Media Player by ComQi
    At 15x15x5cm and supporting 1080p HD video input, Flash and DVI output, COmQi's RP730 Media Player provides superior performance in a surprisingly small package.

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  • ScreenGate IP Streamer

    Compared with traditional approached to delivering content to digital signage screens, ScreenGate IP Streaming offers significant advantages.

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  • DS Vision Digital

    DS Vision Digital is a powerful solution that distributes real-time digital non-compressed full HD content to multiple terminals and enables Remote Display Management with Proof–of-Performance.

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  • DSV3000

    The ultimate in player-to-screen distribution and control.

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  • DS Video Wall

    The ComQi DS Video Wall is a powerful solution for communicating, promoting, branding, messaging and ambiance.

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