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CE labs has a long-standing tradition of building flexible, commercial-grade digital signage appliances and custom digital signage solutions. Successful digital signage systems depend on the hardware that will deliver the message at the right place and right time.

Knowing this, CE labs sought out to evolve the digital signage player platform with an improved line of digital signage appliances equipped with new enhancements and features embracing tomorrow’s digital signage systems today. CE labs springboards into the next generation with a new generation of fully dedicated network digital signage appliances with the Series 7 digital signage player line. By continuously being true innovators of digital media solutions, CE labs has carved a unique path for custom digital signage systems. Truth be told, every network digital signage application requires a custom touch that allows for growth and flexibility in order for a successful system to evolve.

The CE labs Series 7 media player lineup currently consists of the MP700, MP70 and AiO710. The free QuickSign Pro Designer content management software interface provides both advanced and beginner users a way to quickly deploy create and manage players within the Series 7 media player lineup and the playlists associated to those players. QuickSign Pro Designer content management software provides the ability to organize videos, playlists, images, channels (ATSC or stream) and HTML layouts to be used by CE labs digital signage players.

All Series 7 network digital signage players have Sigma’s latest SOC that provides a highly-integrated, high-performance, low-cost solution. Multi-task specific processors – with twice the power of previous generation digital signage players – lower power consumption and enable optimal application performance while also supporting full 3D video playback. The Series 7 network digital signage players also have twice the RAM and Flash as the previous generation digital signage players which provide increased functionality in browser performance and dual display capability, including touchscreen operations.

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