LG-MRI is the industry leader in reliable, high-performance Indoor and Outdoor Digital Displays / Arrays spanning from 47" to 84" in size. The BoldVu® product line is designed for direct outdoor use in a wide range of environmental/ temperature conditions and features LG-MRI’s unique LED backlight technology to provide 2500 nit luminance for excellent image/content visibility in direct sunlight.

Designed for a “usable” life-cycle of 10 years…twice the industry standard…the BrightVu® LED technology provides full 2500 nit luminance without degrading over time or being impacted by temperature extremes. The patented CoolVu® system is unique and exclusive to LG-MRI and provides for operation in direct sunlight in ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F). All units are fully sealed for outdoor use.

LG-MRI’s design methodology is based on providing the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to our customers by consuming less power, requiring minimal service and by providing 10+ years of usable life… what we call LifeVu™. Please visit www.lg-mri.com for more information.


Display / Image Quality  

Available in sizes from 47" to 84" – Choose the ideal size for your application

Landscape or portrait orientation - Fits the desired form-factor

BrightVu® - 2500 nit Brightness for 40,000 hours, excellent sunlight visibility over time / temp

ToughVu™ - Cover / safety glass that resists breakage / improves image visibility

Operational Enhancement

DynamicVu® – Dynamic Block Dimming reduces power consumption by 40%

AmpVu® – Current monitoring / control prevents current overload

BestVu™ – Gamma adjustment for optimized viewing in varying light conditions

SAM® – Service access modules designed to allow for quick and easy field service

CoolVu® – Thermal management system allows for operation in temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)

System Management  

SureVu® – Digital image verification verifies constant / correct video on screen

StatusVu® –Real time performance monitoring for 150+ operating parameters

MediaPlayer™ – Industrial computer supports all CMS (Content Management Systems)

RemoteVu™ – Remote re-boot and mini-UPS allows remote re-booting of player and


InfiniteTouch™ - Interactive Touchscreen / Camera

AudienceVu™ - Audience Measurement/Tracking System

ServiceVu™ – On-Site Service

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