Exhibio Digital Signage

Exhibio is the industry's easiest digital signage system to install and operate. Affordable yet sophisticated digital signage is now a reality for any organization, in any category, such as Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Retail, QSR, or Staff Communications.

Easily incorporate audio, movies, images, live Digital TV, Websites, RSS or data-driven content into your display, even embedded DVD Playback. RS232 serial commands to control your displays, all within the Exhibio Manager. Re-purpose your existing Flash animations, and slide-show presentations. Exhibio has three products for unique applications.

To see how Exhibio can meet all of your needs, take the quick tour and see for yourself how simple our web-based software is to use.

  Products and Services
  • Enterprise Server

    Enterprise Server

    Exhibio's Enterprise Server enables you to create and manage content across a network of digital signage displays. Using remotely deployed Smart Terminals, Enterprise makes it easy to deliver targeted messages to audiences in different locations.

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  • ST-100 Smart Terminal Player

    ST-100 Smart Terminal Player

    Smart Terminals work alongside Exhibio's Enterprise server to deliver content to your digital signage displays. Each Smart Terminal is able to play a unique set of content. Each Enterprise server can centrally manage up to 250 Smart Terminals.

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  • X-800HD Digital Signage Engine

    X-800HD Digital Signage Engine

    The X-800HD Digital Signage Engine enables you to create, integrate and schedule dynamic content for viewing on displays, such as plasma and LCD screens. It handles multiple zones and includes advanced scheduling capabilities.

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  • M-400 Multimedia Player

    M-400 Multimedia Player

    The M-400 Multimedia Player lets users showcase a multimedia playlist on a full screen. Easily show video, pictures, RSS feeds, HTML, Flash, database integrated content and other forms of media on your displays, in a single-zone format.

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