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Timely, relevant content has always been essential for a successful digital signage display; and the evolving expectations of today's always-on consumers have taken these requirements to a whole new level. Having dynamic digital displays isn't …
As a connected society, we are constantly barraged with information. E-mails, texts, calls, pop-ups, advertisements and conversations all vie for our limited attention most of the day. Our brains have a limited capacity for the consumption of …
At least 40 percent of my time is spent on the road attending and speaking at conferences, meeting with integrators and visiting their customer sites. It lets me see firsthand how they're using our digital signage products and services. It also …
New study points to need for LED signageBritish entrepreneur Richard Branson, the creator of the Virgin brand, is like most other entrepreneurs in that he relies "far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics" ("Leap: A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy" by …
Since the mid-1990s when digital displays were first introduced, they have become a vital strategic asset for retailers and are now considered the most effective form of in-store promotion. However, the challenge for today's retailers is the …
We're all aware of the digital revolution — most of us are a part of it. We also all know that the Internet has changed the path to purchase. Unlimited information at consumers' fingertips has shifted how goods are researched; add smart phones …
As digital signage continues to gain traction as the most effective form of in-store advertising, it's important to consider best practices for deployment. Here are five considerations for best practices after working with retailers in more than 1,…
In my last blog I commented on how our poor economy was slowing down implementation of new technologies such as digital menu boards. I received a lot of comments about that from friends in my industry and we discussed how to keep going in this …
The topic of traditional print versus digital advertising is not new. However, it is still a current, hot and unresolved topic in advertising and marketing, particularly when it comes to retail point-of-sale. Brett King writes in Huffpost Business: "…
Digital signage is one of the most powerful, cost-effective communications tools available, but because today's consumers are constantly bombarded with messages, they've become more discriminating about their exposure to commercial messages. They're …
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