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If you're one of the booming number of retailers, dealers and service facilities who have caught on to the value of in-store TV, chances are you're using it exclusively in one of two ways: to entertain your customers (maybe you have the channel …
Magnetic 3D, a global provider of autostereoscopic "glasses-free" 3-D displays and digital signage solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Ogilvy to represent glasses-free 3-D display technology in their Digital Lab in New York …
NRF 2012: Digital in-store media called to deliver, Pt. II (Commentary)By Lyle Bunn Dynamic Media Consultant BUNN Co. **This two-part summary of the National Retail Federation January 2012 "Retail's BIG Show" trade show and conference is through the lens of the value and directions of digital in-store and dynamic place …
For a couple of years now I've been hearing about "digital signage in a box." In other words, an everything-in-one digital signage solution that a neophyte could buy and have up and running in hours. Not only have I been hearing about it, we've even …
As a connected society, we are constantly barraged with information. E-mails, texts, calls, pop-ups, advertisements and conversations all vie for our limited attention most of the day. Our brains have a limited capacity for the consumption of …
New study points to need for LED signageBritish entrepreneur Richard Branson, the creator of the Virgin brand, is like most other entrepreneurs in that he relies "far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics" ("Leap: A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy" by …
When it comes to fostering engagement at the point of decision, conventional and digital point of purchase (POP) have some obvious similarities and differences. Similar to conventional POP marketing material, content is delivered to the shopper at …
As the path to purchase continues to evolve, information and informational transactions are the catalyst to purchase. Shoppers are better informed than ever, thanks in large part to well-executed multichannel marketing strategies. Despite the near …
As we look ahead to 2012 and as multichannel paths to purchase grow in popularity and use, we consider how technology, specifically digital in-store technology, is working to bridge the communication gap. Digital in-store programs attract shopper …
The holiday season is quickly approaching — which means seasonal retail and brand messaging is already here. Digital signage is the perfect venue for these hyper-relevant, constantly updated messages. So, how do you pass the relevance test …
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