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Aug. 22, 2011

Aug 2011……Sandvik Mining and Construction (SMC) is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a leading global supplier of equipment, service and technical solutions for the excavation and sizing of rock and minerals in the mining and construction industries. SMC has operations in more than 130 countries and approximately 15,500 employees.  With a vast amount of data that needs to be updated every hour, SMC Shanghai required a simple knowledge management solution able to disseminate information to staff quickly and easily. 

Sandvik required the following:

  • Ad-hoc functionality to allow different departments to upload their data in their respective zones
  • easy file transfer system via FTP for data to be displayed immediately
  • intuitive and user friendly product
  • ability to play high-definition MPEG videos and JPEGs
  • the capability to screen a range of live TV Channels

After being suitably impressed by the ONELAN system used in another SMC region; SMC Shanghai decided they wanted the same for themselves.

They installed a ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5505 publisher and subscriber, in addition to three other NTB 510 subscribers to power eight screens throughout the office. 

The publisher and subscriber units came furnished with TV tuner and were placed in the pantry, so that even while taking a break and watching television, staff could still remain abreast of business developments. Out of the three 510 subscribers, one was used at the reception to display the corporate video and to welcome guests. The other two subscriber units were placed around the office to notify staff about SMC’s latest business data.

ONELAN’s products excelled in meeting all of SMC Shanghai’s needs, as they were able to provide different types of content to both employees and visitors. 

‘The products offer the right mix of content management functionality, user friendliness and flexibility to address the company’s needs. Despite not using ONELAN’s product to its full extent yet, we already love the flexibility of its FTP system to push out content immediately.’

Mark Janssen, Business Intelligence Supervisor

Companies: ONELAN Limited

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