Positive Event for ComQi at Customer Engagement Technology World

Nov. 12, 2012

ComQi exhibited at the annual Customer Engagement Technology World on November 7th and 8th 2012 in New York.  The event took place the week after super storm Sandy hit the north east which left many areas uninhabitable with flooding, blocked transportation services and power and heat outages.  Amidst the storm, ComQi’s tradeshow booth incurred flood damage which put the company’s participation in jeopardy.  Despite the obstacles, ComQi was eager for the area to reach a fast recovery and wanted to fully support the show.  ComQi worked closely with the event coordinators to produce a new display booth for a successful and worthwhile event. 

Highlights from the show included:

ComQi presented a hurricane relief video asking visitors to support victims of the disaster by sending a text donation to the Red Cross.  The effort was well received as people encouraged the initiative.

Stu Armstrong, President of ComQi Americas, vibrantly led a panel session on “Using Digital Engagements to Connect with Today’s Shoppers”.  As an expert in the digital out of home retail sector, Stu was the clear choice to be the commentator for the seminar.

ComQi featured and demo’d their digital signage interactive solutions:

  • CTM Touch Screen - the user friendly interface allowed visitors to browse for information on where to visit in a perspective city and send that information directly to their smartphone.
  • delayMirror - Visitors Spun in front of a mirror-like solution and saw themselves twirl after the 3 second delay for a full retail experience.
  • Passport - Guests interacted with digital signage displays through ComQi’s mobile applications and got engaged with the trivia, games and special promotions.

ComQi also exhibited their award winning digital signage solutions:

  • EnGage: A content management systems platform for sophisticated planning, distribution and management for digital signage networks.  
  • Media Distribution: A set of product families for multimedia communication with a full range of flexible, high-quality platforms including extenders, splitters and screen control devices.

ComQi would like to thank everyone who showed support for the event.   CETW was an enjoyable and productive tradeshow through the storm, slush, and wind.  If you did not have the chance to attend, you can receive information on ComQi’s solutions at www.comqi.com or by contacting Sharon Sonesh at ssonesh@comqi.com

Companies: ComQi, Inc.

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