MRI Announces Major Expansion of Production Facilities

Aug. 8, 2011

Atlanta, GA: June 15, 2011 –Manufacturing Resources International(MRI) is in the final stages of acquiring a137,000 square foot production facility in Alpharetta, GA. This expansion is basedsolely on the company’s tremendous growthin 2010 / 2011 relative to supplying DigitalDisplays for the expanding DOOH (DigitalOut Of Home) marketplace along with theexponential growth forecasted for thisindustry sector in 2012 and beyond. Theexpansion into this new facility is set to takeplace in October/November 2011.

“As part of MRI’s commitment to thedigital display industry… and our valuedcustomers… we are pleased to be proactive in expanding, and improving, our engineering, operations,and testing facilities.” CEO and Founder, Bill Dunn states. “By increasing our physical operations bymore than 500%, we are prepared for the explosive and continued growth of outdoor digital displays notonly on a national but on a global basis.

”The new building will house MRI’s production facilities, while the existing 28,000 sq. ft. building willbecome the engineering and prototyping epicenter for the company. This expansion will allow for theaccommodation of MRI’s ever-expanding engineering, production, support and executive personnel. Thetotal combined production capacity for MRI will increase fivefold from 28,000 sq. ft. to 165,000 sq. ft.between the two facilities.

As a leader in the Outdoor, High-Bright LCD industry, MRI understands the need to expand and improveits current facilities in preparation for the rapid transition from Static advertising to Digital advertisingwithin the OOH (Out Of Home) market in the coming years. MRI has installed over 5000 DigitalDisplays in North America and has begun its expansion to several international markets over the pastyear. MRI’s BoldVu® product line is bringing Digital LCD technology to outdoor venues with availablefeatures such as large format interactive touchscreens, 3G enabled communications, Full HD videocontent, and even Wi-Fi sponsored hotspots.

Companies: LG-MRI

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