Minimize digital signage hardware with this modular video extender receiver

May 31, 2011

Use ordinary CATx wiring to distribute HD multimedia signals to remote digital signage—without installing any external AV hardware at the screens. Modular HD View™ NEC Integrated Receivers from Black Box conveniently plug into in any NEC® LCD display that has an expansion slot, so they’re great for areas where there is little or no room for a receiver box. They’re also ideal for public displays in installations where you’re concerned about hardware theft, vandalism, or tampering.

The receivers get their signaling over non-networked CAT5 or higher cabling from any Black Box® HD View VGA Transmitter linked to a digital signage player. Two versions are available: standard range, for extensions up to 360 feet (109.7 m) and long range, for transmitting signals as far as 1000 feet (304.8 m). Because the receivers slide into the screen, no external AV cabling is required. But, as a bonus, each HD View Receiver also has a VGA output, which can be used to attach a second screen—essentially doubling the value of the extension product.

In addition to VGA video and stereo audio, the receivers support full bidirectional serial communications. From your office, you can use simple RS-232 commands to turn off one screen or entire groups of screens to save energy and maximize the life of your digital signage system. No more walking from screen to screen to adjust volume or brightness.

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