Life-Size Infinite Touchscreen debuted in Las Vegas

March 28, 2012

Las Vegas, NV: March 7, 2012– Manufacturing ResourcesInternational (MRI) introduced their new InfiniteTouch™ 72"Interactive Touchscreen with integrated Gestural Camera atthe DSE (Digital Signage Expo) show. This is the first fullyinteractiveTouchscreen that is designed for use in outdoorenvironments, in direct sunlight and is mounted on MRI’sproven BoldVu® 72" High-Bright Digital LCD Display forambient temperatures up to 50° C / 122° F.

The InfiniteTouch™ 72" Touchscreen provides the samefunctionally as an iPad or iPhone but also allows for multipleapplications to be open at the same time and controlledindependently by several users. This additional functionalityincreases dramatically the potential for advertising /promotional campaigns and informational uses such asWayFinding.

According to Peter Kaszycki, VP of Business Developmentfor MRI, “The best way to envision how this new technology works is to remember the Tom Cruise movie ‘MinorityReport’ where he was able to easily manipulate multiple virtual displays at the same time, zoom in / out, rotate themand swipe them on / off the field of vision. This is a life-size iPad…on steroids…with tremendous potential for Appsand Ads alike.”

First production units will be available late in the second quarter of 2012 as an option for MRI’s BoldVu® 72" DigitalLCD Displays. Smaller sizes are under deployment for 55" and 47" LCDs. The first projected deployments will be inBus Shelters with 72" Outdoor Displays in San Francisco, Paris, Sao Paulo and London.

Companies: LG-MRI

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