Introducing CE labs 2011 • 2012 Product Catalog

May 4, 2011

Garland, TX – May 5, 2011 – CE labs is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date audio and video products of the highest quality. With this in mind we realize how important it is to provide a tool that allows quick access to important information about our products. CE labs is proud to introduce the highly anticipated 2011-2012 Product Catalog. The catalog features full color imagery of our entire product line and services. The catalog is saddle stitched and printed on 100# paper for durability.

The catalog will consist of several new products from our wide range of audio and video categories. CE labs has an exhilarating new digital media player called the MP60. “The MP60 is a pint size power horse. This economical digital media player will drive high bit rate 1080P H.264 media over HDMI™ better than most PC’s that cost five times as much,” said Randall Muncy, Chief Engineer of CE labs. The newest HDMI™ distribution product CE labs is producing is the HX1K-3. “Getting your full 1080P resolution HDMI™ video to a remotely mounted monitor just got a whole lot easier. All you need is a single CAT6 cable and you get full video with no compression or adjustments needed.”

The catalog will also feature in-depth digital signage information, for example the Digital Signage Systems Overview section that illustrates examples of digital signage system product integration. “Digital signage is changing the way companies are approaching marketing to customers,” Tony Smith, V.P. Marketing and Creative Director of CE labs, added. “In the catalog we focus on the teaching of digital signage systems and the explanation of the distribution equipment it takes to deliver and distribute the clients’ message.”

A request for a free copy of the print edition can be made from the CE labs website. A digital edition of the catalog is available for download now.

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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