CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. Will Be An Exhibitor at InfoComm12

April 30, 2012

Garland, TX - April 2012 - CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. an industry-leading technology innovator of audio/video electronics and digital signage systems, formally invites all dealers, integrators, installers and sales professionals to Booth # N2748 at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. for an unveiling of a groundbreaking new product that further establishes CE labs’ leadership and forefront position in the A/V and digital signage industries. The company is poised once again to deliver to installers, integrators and resellers unrivaled audio/video options and the latest in digital signage technology. 

"We are reshaping the way digital signage applications are integrated into environments using economical, quality and innovative yet practical products and solutions allowing our customers to bring bigger and more immersive experiences," said Tony Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Direction. "CE labs is the irrefutable leader in custom audio/video technology and digital signage systems for retail environments with over 25,000 digital media appliances in the field for that industry alone; and we are the only company that can provide an end to end solution today," stated Eric McCready, Vice President of Sales and Operations.

"We've managed to expand what is possible in the retail environment and deliver that same cutting edge approach to all industries be it POP, hospitality or small professional offices. Moreover, we explain our approach in bite-size palatable pieces for everyone to easily understand and digest."

In March 2012, CE labs also announced the MP75 1080p stand-alone digital media appliance with push-button functionality. The MP75 is the newest addition to the CE labs product line that shows what is possible when creative innovations are combined with powerful technology and solid-state housing. "The MP75 has been a firecracker since we released it, mainly because of the amount of features being offered at a great price point," Eric McCready explained. "I'm looking forward to showing it at InfoComm to others up close that have yet to get a chance to see it." 

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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