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Feb. 12, 2012

Garland, TX - January 31, 2012 - CE labs is proud to announce its revamped website - www.celabs.net. The fresh new website, built on Warp Theme framework, embodies the company’s forward–thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of its customers and partners. Taking full advantage of modern web technologies, the new site uses the latest in HTML 5 and CSS3 web development. The new development approach makes the site faster and lightweight for optimized load times due to file magnification, Gzip compression, data URIs and image sprites. Cross-browser support is essential to a successful site and the new CE labs site works smoothly with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 7/8/9. 

 “Some of our main objectives we feel we have accomplished with the new site was to simply make it more user friendly, easier to search for specific products and information related to our products as well as allow users to purchase our products online conveniently,” states Tony Smith, V.P. Creative Director for CE labs. With new navigation tools put in place users will find it easier to access information and specifications on individual products and large scale systems. 

The new website offers users more photos and videos on CE labs products and services for both Audio/Video and Digital Signage applications. Visual elements incorporate deeper colors and graphics in order to promote and maintain the unique identity of the CE labs brand. “Aesthetically, our goal for the new website was highly focused on creating balance and unity throughout the site giving it a harmonious marriage of information and style”, commented Kim Do, Art Director for CE labs. 

New website features include expanded video content and streaming media compatible for smartphone and 1080p formats. The "What's New" section points out new functionality and walks users through interface options that have been improved or newly added. 

Below is a short list of new features and functionality added to celabs.net: 

  • Improved streamlined search functionality for products
  • Intuitive navigation options utilizing breadcrumbs
  • “Featured Products” section on the home page highlighting specific CE labs products
  • Web/Smartphone-friendly product videos and photos that can easily be downloaded or viewed
  • “What’s New” walk-thru section explaining new functionality and content on the site
  • “Where to Buy Online” page that helps users locate resellers or make purchases online
  • Centralized location for all communication channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
  • Product case study tie-ins for both A/V and Digital Signage applications

Currently featured on the redesigned homepage of celabs.net is the new line of all-in-one digital media players. Find out more about the all-in-ones and experience all the new features and functionality of the CE labs website by visiting www.celabs.net.

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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