CE labs 1:9 Component Amplifier Promotion

Sept. 12, 2011

Garland, TX – September 13, 2011 - CE labs® is offering a 20% discount sale on the AV901HD Component A/V Distribution Amplifier. The AV901HD is a high quality component A/V amplifier designed specifically to drive massive commercial grade video wall displays with immaculate 1080p HD video.

In addition to the completely featured channel selection of Component, Composite, Digital and R/L analog audio, the amplifier includes buffered LOOP OUTPUT ports with enhanced frequency bandwidth to ensure a quality signal even at the last amplifier in the chain.

This distribution amplifier can duplicate and distribute HDTV and analog television signals from any single A/V source to multiple television monitors with virtually no distortion. Compatible with all HDTV component and composite video/audio signals, CE labs AV901HD is a versatile tool for creating small, medium, or ultra large retail video display walls. Contact your CE labs representative today as this offer only stands while supplies last.

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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