Yakima looking to regulate digital signage, billboards

Jan. 29, 2014

The Yakima (Wash.) Planning Commission recently held a study session to craft a policy for roadside digital signs and billboards in Yakima. And while only a handful of people attended the meeting, those who did show joined in spirited debate, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Attendees came to Yakima from Seattle and Tacoma in Washington and even from as far away as Mesa, Ariz., "eager to speak their minds about how to best craft regulations for digital signs and billboards," the paper said:

For them, Yakima is tackling a subject that is part of a broader discussion and debate over the pros and cons of digital signs.

One side is concerned that electronic signs are eyesores that mar the natural landscape; the other side counters that the signs are important for commerce.

Last year, the Yakima City Council placed a moratorium on traditional and digital billboards, as well as on-premise digital signs, through this April while staff crafts a policy to improve the city's streetscape while accommodating the needs of businesses.

Some at the meeting advocated restricting the number of signs and billboards, rather than trying to regulate and monitor them, while others indicated they believed the emphasis should shift from regulation to the benefits that digital signage provides for local businesses.

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