Wireless Ronin drops RoninCast 4.0 HTML5 digital signage software

Feb. 21, 2013

Digital marketing technologies company Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. announced today the release of the fourth generation of its RoninCast digital signage software, designed to increase functionality and improve the customer experience while reducing installation and operation costs.

Continuing to expand on the omnichannel offering launched in 2011, Wireless Ronin's proprietary RoninCast 4.0 software now leverages HTML5 capabilities to more cost-effectively deliver robust digital content to current and emerging marketing technology platforms including digital signage, interactive kiosks, mobile, social and Web, the company said. The new browser-based functionality also drives ROI with the ability to use lower cost players along with decreased network demand and server requirements.

RoninCast 4.0 also enables further integration of mobile devices with in-store digital technologies, giving customers the opportunity to engage with the brand using their own mobile tablet or smartphone. Sample applications include filtering a fast food menu for allergens, playing an interactive game while waiting for services at a store or downloading dynamic coupons from a digital display. Companies can improve the customer experience, drive purchase decisions, and deliver more relevant offers which, ultimately, increase loyalty and drive sales.

To ensure that the correct content is always playing on the designated device, RoninCast 4.0's new patent-pending content validation technology uses a heuristic, algorithmic process that ensures timely and accurate content playback, the company said. The software continually monitors both the player and display, sending alerts if the algorithms identify content discrepancies.

RoninCast 4.0's additional upgrades and improved usability features include new RSS feed widgets, specific zone-based scheduling, enhanced cache management, cloud-based or on-site hosted solutions and a remote installation option.

"This new release demonstrates our commitment to continued technology investments to bring our customers unmatched digital marketing functionality," said Scott Koller, Wireless Ronin's president and CEO. "With these key enhancements, our customers can accelerate and drive ROI. Given its lighter hardware and bandwidth requirements, we estimate RoninCast 4.0 can substantially reduce the initial investment and typical payback period."

RoninCast 4.0 is scheduled for release in March, and will be publicly debuted at next week's Digital Signage Expo, Feb. 27 and 28, in Las Vegas.

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