TravelMax installs digital signage FlyteBoards in Peru offices

Dec. 6, 2012

Flyte Systems announced today that TravelMax USA has installed the FlyteBoard real-time airline flight information digital signage display in its Lima, Peru, office. Flyte Systems is a provider of airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality industry, digital signage, convention centers and related businesses.

Flyte Systems has extended its global expansion with TravelMax USA as the first travel company in Latin America to Flyteboard in Limaimplement Flyte Systems' products. The FlyteBoard displays flight information via strategically located digital signage in TravelMax's office. Customers and agents use FlyteBoard to quickly verify arrivals and departures at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport. Flyte Systems is also finalizing system implementations in Beijing.

According to the announcement, TravelMax USA President Roque Gargano saw FlyteBoard at a Marriott hotel and ordered one for his Lima offices. "FlyteBoard is a valuable service for us because it is very easy for TravelMax agents and clients to simply look up and check their flight status in a second to ensure they are on time," Gargano said in the announcement. "Clients call us to check on their flights knowing we have the same information being displayed at the airport. This gives our agents an excellent selling opportunity."

TravelMax USA has offices in South America, Canada, Spain, and the U.S.

"We feel the addition of FlyteBoard to our other first class services will create even more loyalty from our clients and increase repeat business which is so crucial in an extremely competitive marketplace," Gargano said. "Flyte Systems technology gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors because we are the only full-service travel agency in Latin America with this innovative and cutting-edge service."

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