Toyota DOOH campaign snags top prize at Art of Outdoor competition (Video)

Nov. 8, 2012

London-based agency glue Isobar recently took top honors in the Art Of Outdoor Digital Competition, which rewards innovative and creative work in digital out-of-home advertising, taking away £125,000 ($199,362) of media space for client Toyota, according to a company announcement.

The winning idea — for the Yaris Hybrid, Toyota's newest hybrid car — demonstrated how energy usually lost while driving is instead recycled by the car. The campaign was implemented through a partnership with PaveGen, a company that invented tiles that generate renewable energy when stepped on, similar to Toyota's hybrid vehicles.

Using Ocean's Eat Street location at Westfield, the idea was to create a human powered digital screen, capturing and recycling energy from shoppers as they walk past, which in turn powers a digital screen to deliver the brand message.

To further engage the audience, the digital screen also displayed how much energy people are generating and gave lucky shoppers the chance of winning a ride home in one of the Yaris Hybrid cars. To win, shoppers simply needed to check-in on Facebook and each time a certain level of energy was recycled, another car was released.

The creative idea was developed by glue Isobar creative team Jan Pruijser and Rachel Clough, who have won the award for the second year running. Design and animation is by Matt Daniels and Anton Hawkins, with senior creative direction from Matt Gilbert and Dave Tokley.

Watch a video about the campaign below:

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