Thierry Mugler gets 'Alien' virtual assistant

April 18, 2014

French luxury fragrance brand Thierry Mugler, part of the Clarins Fragrance Group, has deployed the world's first full-height Tensator Virtual Assistant to promote the launch of its "Alien Extraordinaire" 'Goddess' virtual assistantperfume in three flagship stores, according to an announcement from Tensator

Tensator, a provider of customer journey solutions, created a shimmering centerpiece for Thierry Mugler stores with a new version of its digital signage solution that creates the illusion of a real person for customers.

Situated in three stores across the U.K., the character was created especially for Clarins Fragrance Group. It is the first full-height projection example of the technology, the company said, and the "goddess-like" character is designed to attracts intrigued shoppers with her shimmering dress and glowing outline. The Virtual Assistant is intended to be the store-based representation of the consistent imagery used in the brand's commercials for the perfume, aimed at creating "a mesmerizing image that represents how the Alien fragrance can make customers feel, powerful, luminescent and sparkling," according to Tensator.

"It was a big technological challenge — one that most people in our sector may not have previously thought possible," said Ajay Joshi, Tensator's head of media and technology, in the announcement. "Creating a seamless projected statue, 6 feet high with arms outstretched, was very tricky. We had to work quickly and efficiently to overcome the physical constraints and to explore the various technical solutions available to best fit the requirements. We are very pleased with the result. The virtual goddess has an amazing presence and aligns to the vision we all shared when we started the journey."

The units have been creating significant in-store interest in the fragrance, with shoppers keen to learn more from staff about the Alien perfume, said Tensator, which expects that the "Alien" Virtual Assistants will tour Thierry Mugler flagship locations.

"It was great to achieve our own 'virtual goddess' for the Alien Eau Extraordinaire fragrance launch," said Vicky Barret, design and merchandising manager at Clarins Fragrance Group, in the announcement. "It is vital for our brand for us to be creative innovators, and as this was the first time a head-to-toe projection has been executed in retail design, I'm proud of the result we achieved."

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