Tellystream launches digital signage for the connected TV

Dec. 13, 2013

Tellystream, "digital signage for the connected TV," has launched its info screen software that allows direct play-out to multiple Samsung consumer TVs, according to a company announcement.

With Tellystream, companies can create an info screen or digital signage solution "at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system," the company said. The software interfaces directly with Samsung consumer TVs over a local network, needing no additional hardware. The screens already have wireless networking built in, the company said, which makes setting up a digital signage system similar to setting up a home TV.

Designed for companies, schools, universities, pubs, sports venues, shops and more, Tellystream is intended to allow customers to reach their target audience with the right content in near real-time but at a very low cost and with no technical expertise required.

"Tellystream set out to make digital signage simple and fun," company co-founder Carsten Lehbrink said in the announcement. "In many situations it is difficult to judge what the ROI for a digital signage project will be. Therefore we decided to make the investment truly negligible resulting in a positive return even for the most limited use case."

The software uses a simple touch-enabled user interface to build content streams from images and Web pages. It also supports transition effects. Web pages will update in near real-time, and content is easily created from corporate Powerpoint or Keynote templates that are read as images, the company said.

"All studies show that employee satisfaction rises significantly with good internal communication," Tellystream co-founder Guido Seifert said in the announcement. "Tellystream is a simple and inexpensive building block in any effective internal communication strategy, handling anything from HSE or employee communication to visualization of company metrics."

Tellystream is available for a one-time fee of $129 and supports multiple TVs at once as well as playing out to the Raspberry Pi minicomputer running XBMC, the company said.

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