T1Visions wins patents for multitouch, multiuser technology

Dec. 31, 2013

T1Visions has received three patents for its multitouch, multiuser technology. The patents, the company's first, were awarded from August to December.

The patents for invention numbers 8,522,153, 8,583,491 and 8,600,816 cover several of T1Visions' key competitive advantages in touchscreen technology, the company said in a news release, including the division of a touchscreen into multiple sections. Each divided section serves as an active desktop dedicated to a unique user, who can select different functionality on his or her interface. Users have the ability to change the number of sections through the touchscreen.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based company filed for the patents in 2007. With significant growth in the touchscreen technology sector, the patents took nearly six years to be issued, theT1 Visions touch table company said, which is well above average for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. T1Visions has another four patents pending.

"Most of the major players in this space are large companies that have an established relationship with the patent examiners, and are able to invest the time and money to demonstrate their technology every few months," Mike Feldman, T1Visions founder and president, said in a news release. "When we were given the opportunity to demonstrate T1Visions technology for the first time, the examiners hadn't seen anything like it. From the beginning, our total focus has been on large-format touchscreen technology for multiple users, rather than small individual-use screens. Though our company is smaller in size, this is the advantage we have over the major players that have been developing touchscreen technology. Our patents are a testament to this."

Other features covered by the patents include a one-touch sensor supporting multiple displays — each display with its own interface — which means multiple users can share a single touch sensor and are able to operate their own Web session and virtual keyboard to navigate the Internet or T1Visions' suite of custom software applications.

T1Visions said its intellectual property also includes its unique "toss" gesture, which allows users to share content such as photos or videos from the touchscreen to a secondary media screen (a vertical screen that is visible to an entire room). This functionality is useful to groups in corporate and educational settings who are collaborating on team projects.

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