Scala introduces cloud-based analytics for QSRs

March 6, 2012

Scala Inc. has unveiled its new Scala Advanced Analytics, a cloud computing-based predictive analytics application for quick-service restaurants. The application transforms market data and live third-party data streams into marketing messages that impact buying behavior.

Advanced Analytics helps QSRs know what their customers want to buy and encourages them to make purchases through point-of-sale digital signage, according to a press release.

Scala Advanced Analytics' capabilities enable restaurants to leverage data they already own to predict and deliver optimum sales messages to in-store customers with digital signage.

"Scala Advanced Analytics is a game-changing application for quick-service restaurants," said Tom Nix, Scala CEO. "Powerful Scala digital display content driven by Advanced Analytics can grab customers' attention, engage them with immediacy and interactivity, and present customers multiple streams of relevant information on one or a series of displays. Advanced Analytics constantly monitors data to suggest changes to messages to match business rules and conditions, and even the individual customer in front of the screen."

Scala Advanced Analytics can digest millions of data records on sales, products, customer habits, trends, pricing changes, weather, time of day, day of week, season of the year and more. Then, the application uses predictive analytics to determine the probability of what might happen next in a QSR environment based on a retailer's business rules and goals.

Advanced Analytics spells out to the restaurant the best course of action with digital signage content to achieve the preferred sales outcome. The application has an automated machine-learning feedback loop that continues to learn about the store's business and customers to optimize business decisions.

By understanding a QSR's business goals and analyzing historic business data and other relevant data streams, Advanced Analytics recommends content for digital point-of-sale displays powered by Scala digital communication software which supports content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks.

Scala-powered digital displays take data from Advanced Analytics and deliver a wide range of communications options with moving visuals, interactive screens and kiosks that present dynamic messaging and influence buyer behavior.

The Scala Advanced Analytics solution is available immediately and is best-suited for multi-site QSRs with large numbers of SKU's and point-of-sale data. It is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

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