RoninCast snapped up by Snap Fitness chain

Sept. 6, 2010
Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, announced today that its RoninCast software has been selected by Snap Fitness, a fast-growing franchisor of compact, 24/7 fitness centers with locations worldwide.
"We selected Wireless Ronin Technologies' RoninCast software after conducting an extensive search and due diligence to find the best solution for our franchisees," Snap Fitness CEO Peter Taunton said.
Wireless Ronin will provide software and hosting to all 2,000-plus franchisee locations across the United States. Snap Fitness and Wireless Ronin plan to deploy RoninCast software to 1,000 locations by January 1, 2011, with another 500 locations anticipated by June 1, 2011.
The network that will be hosted and maintained by Wireless Ronin will be designed to meet the specific needs and demographic challenges of Snap Fitness, including satisfying the requirements of two different stakeholder groups, both franchisee and corporate, who will leverage the network for both internal and external advertisements.
Corporate will manage and distribute external advertisements from key brands that appeal to Snap Fitness customers' demographics while franchisees will manage internal advertising that will include club promotions, amenities and announcements.

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