ONELAN beefs up IPTV Omni-Server hardware

Jan. 28, 2010

IPTV and Digital signage specialist ONELAN has added more features to the IPTV Omni-Server. The IPTV Omni-Server is a single box streaming solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks. It provides a number of key functions within one appliance, firstly acting as an IPTV TV gateway which can take in digital free-to-air TV broadcasts (DVB-T/Freeview or DVB-S/FreeSat) and rebroadcast out several TV channels onto a network. Any device on the network can then play back the live TV stream using a desktop PC TV software player or a media player such as a ONELAN Net-Top-Box. A key benefit of this feature is the reduction in RF coaxial cable wiring required.

Another important new feature is ONELAN's ‘multi-unicast' solution. Many networks will not allow multicast, with IT network owners often forbidding multicast products, or at the very least making it very difficult to use multicast. ONELAN's multi-unicast solution removes this barrier: the Omni-Server can be configured to operate in a mode where it uses unicast only. This can ease installations where the network is not truly multicast ready. The playback experience is the same for the end-user but the network is not exposed to multicasts.

An easier end-user interface has been created: the landing page for an unprivileged user has changed to include thumbnail images (updated at four-second intervals) of each channel. The IPTV Omni-Server is compatible with ONELAN NTB media players and with its Web browser interface is accessible from anywhere on a network.

Topics: Hardware

Companies: ONELAN Limited

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