Noventri launches digital menu board operation center

Feb. 23, 2012

Maryland-based provider Noventri has launched QSR-Net, a compilation of the company's on-site Network Operation Center, the QSR-Net team, 24/7 phone support, network-wide monitoring and software updates, all specifically geared toward the quick-service restaurant market.

The objective behind the new service is to address the basic challenges presented by digital menu boards, including:

  • Who will create new menu content and updates and assure that these are distributed to all digital menu boards within a network?
  • Who will manage the technical software updates?
  • How will the scheduling of menus be managed and by whom?
  • Who will monitor and maintain a well-functioning network nationwide or internationally?

Noventri's team saw the need to simplify the digital menu board user's experience with updating and maintaining digital content for menus.

"Most QSRs don't have a technical or creative or graphics team at their restaurants," said Andrew Hoffman, vice president at Noventri. "This makes it difficult for many franchisees to maintain their menu boards. For instance, to just change a simple promotion or item pricing can be intrusive to most restaurant managers. And at the corporate level, this may require establishing a team to manage networked digital menu boards. So corporate may hold back on such an endeavor."

With QSR-Net, the Noventri team handles these daily challenges and simplifies the process so that all menu boards throughout a franchise or chain are up-to-date, present a consistent message, and are compliant. This includes dayparting or scheduling for breakfast, lunch or dinner menus, testing new food items in select locations, and exact planning of promotions and 'pushing' promotions on scheduled dates to select locations.

Read more about digital menu boards.

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