New DOOH ad-tracking tech from rVue

Feb. 7, 2012

Advertising technology and integrated strategic media services organization rVue Inc., a subsidiary of rVue Holdings Inc., recently announced the launch of the company's proprietary ad verification technology which provides real-time analytics across digital out-of-home networks.

The metadata initiative was developed to bring real-time accountability to advertisers' DOOH campaigns and enable buyers to review and optimize live campaigns across networks, according to rVue. Launched on the heels of the American Association of Advertising Agencies' (4As) and the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) recent Embedded Metadata Manifesto initiative, rVue's ad tracking technology provides an industry solution which also conforms to IAB's VAST standards for reporting digital video advertising, the company said. For digital networks, rVue said its reporting beacon alleviates the time-consuming, manual process of data collection and delays in campaign performance reporting.

DOOH has grown to a multibillion dollar industry, which includes digital screens, tablets, kiosks and billboards in public locations where audiences dwell. According to industry research by Magna Global and PQ Media, DOOH is reportedly the third-fastest growing medium in the world behind the Internet and mobile, with double-digit growth projected to continue over the next few years.

The rapid growth of the industry is attracting advertisers due to its ability to target and engage consumers with rich digital media; however, buyers are finding it difficult to create media plans due to the fragmentation caused by fast industry growth, according to rVue.

Since exiting beta, the rVue ad-verification technology has been tracking multiple digital signage campaigns with acute accuracy, including a December 2011 campaign for a Fortune 150 brand, the company said.

"Advertisers are accustomed to accountability for the digital media they purchase and digital out-of-home is no exception," said rVue President and CEO Jason Kates. "... Real-time reporting for digital signage advertising campaigns provides the type of accountability advertisers receive from other digital media. By bringing digital out-of-home advertising and campaign analytics in line with the Interactive Advertising Bureau's standards, we increase current buyer confidence as well as invite new advertisers into place-based media who are looking for a greater degree of proof-of-performance reporting and accuracy."

The company said it verification technology embeds a beacon into video files which is compatible across all platforms and is accessible to most DOOH networks. The technology is built using a scalable cloud computing architecture and is designed to deliver daily reporting on over 100 million DOOH ad playback events each day to rVue's partners.

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